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Food Shortage Endemic in Kikori Delta

Mi Ripota Aileen Baretta, repoted today (March 15) about a food shortage endemic in Kikori delta following the muddy murky state of the Kikori recently. Here is what she reported.

The current muddy murky state of the waterways in the Kikori delta of Gulf Province is now causing food shortages in over 50 villages.

These sago making communities have now refrained from sources of food and water in fear of being poisoned after dead fish were found along the river with debris from the highlands earthquake overflowed into Kikori River.

Head Teacher of Veiru Primary School Leonard Heni reported that last Sunday (March 11), a woman and a child’s bodies were recovered in the nearby Ogomabu village, three kilometers from Kikori town. Although specific details of the cause of deaths are still yet to be established, it is believed the deaths are earthquake related.

Mr Heni also reported that the tremor on the 26th of February has leveled six houses in Veiru Babeio leaving families homeless.

“We cannot get clean water to make sago, and we’re unsure if fish, shellfish, prawns and crabs are safe to eat”. Mr Heni said.

He also said schools have been closed due to the disaster.

Meantime, a committee has been established to work together with the Gulf provincial disaster office to coordinate distribution of relief supplies mainly from donations brought in earlier this week.

Earlier this month, Aileen also reported on Mi Ripot of the debris from Southern Highlands flowing down Kikori River Gulf Province. She also sent images of dead fish seen along the river banks and reported that strong warnings have been given out to communities along the Kikori River not to drink, fish or wash because the river has shown signs of contamination.


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