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The Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) Trusts in Western Province continue to prioritise housing as a crucial agenda item. Providing a roof over one’s head remains a significant expense for families. To address this issue, CMCA villages within the province accessed their village development funds to build homes.

Recently, Miamrai village, located in the Wai Tri CMCA Trust region, celebrated the handover of the first four homes funded by the Miamrai Village development funds (VDF). Trust administrator, Mr. Johanis Saferius, expressed his appreciation for the community leaders as the key people in delivering the project. He emphasised the importance of taking ownership, stating all stakeholders have a role to play in ensuring successful outcomes for the project.

Mr. Saferius also acknowledged the local carpenter, Mr. Jimmy Aedwanai, and his ten-man team, who completed four of ten buildings funded under the Miamrai village housing project. He was pleased to report the carpentry work meets high building standards, and he anticipates the next six homes to maintain the same level of quality. Mr. Saferius announced Ok Tedi Power donated ten solar panels, ensuring all ten houses would have off-grid power and water catchment tanks for fresh water by the end of the project.

Miamrai’s Village Planning Committee (VPC) chairperson, Mr. Tony Wainu, praised the project’s delivery. He expressed his gratitude for delivering the first four houses and thanked Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) for its commitment to delivering projects earmarked under the VDF as compensation payments to the mine impacted communities.

Wai Tri Trust Chairman, Gran Somoe, thanked OTDF for its logistic support and movement of material, which he considered crucial in the project’s success. He highlighted that the project’s success goes beyond the construction of homes, as it provides off-grid power and water catchment tanks, making it sustainable and eco-friendly. He emphasized that this project’s innovative aspects demonstrate the potential for sustainable development in the region.

 Executive Manager of Program Services Mr Eric Kuman apologised for the project’s delay and stated that OTDF is committed to support project delivery. He highlighted that funding components of projects, do not capture additional costs and for movement and logistics.

As a result, OTDF has to source additional funds to move materials. Despite the delays, the company has shown its dedication and commitment to the region to fast-track project movement, ensuring that the remaining six homes are completed by year-end.

One of the homeowners, Mrs. Tumba Worin, expressed her gratitude for the three-bedroom family home and the partnership between the local builder, his carpenters, OTDF, and Miamrai village that made it possible.

 “I acknowledged you all for this house which would provide shelter and security for my family in the years to come, she said.

The completion of the first four homes in Miamrai village is a significant milestone in the region’s development. The community’s village development funds, all stakeholders have all played crucial roles in making this project a reality. The success of this project highlights the potential for collaborative efforts to drive positive change and foster sustainable development in the region.

OTDF continues with infrastructure development projects, with the remaining six homes to be built before year-end. Each house has three bedrooms, built to specifications on high posts, water tanks, and installed solar lighting.

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