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April 19, 2021

Electronic Identification Not the Biblical “Mark of the Beast- 666”

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Electronic identification implementers, The National Statistics Office and partners Huwawei Technologies, have dismissed claimsthe project involvesthe feared microchip and biblical revelation of 666.

They said this is a misconception and people should not believe such rumors.

The matter was raised duringthe E-ID workshop in Kimbe this week.

Duringthe Workshop, one participant questioned ifthe rights ofthe people to privacy would be impeded.

He added thatthere are also many who preach againstthe projectoreferring it tothe mark ofthe beatst inthe Beok of Revelations inthe Beble.

The NSO and Huwawei Technologies say this is completely false and thatthere are no microchips involved or mark ofthe beatst.

Mr. Joseph Aka, National Statistician ofthe NSO said “There are some articles inthe papaer that criticize this project… The ID Card system has nothing to do with 666.” –

Huwawei Technologies explained only a picture and fingerprint will be taken along with basic information such as name, date of birth, age, and residential address apon which, a standard ID card will be issued.

NSO saysthe significance of this program will assist Government Planning, improver censuses and elections, address law and order issues, and improver people’s livelihoods.

The NSO will be travelling nationwide to prepare provinces and districts for the project. This is by informingthem ontheir roles and responsibilities before and during its implementation.

The E-ID Project is expected to be fully functional beforethe next general elections in 2017.


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