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By Wasita Royal

Rabaul looks forward to a vibrant calendar of events scheduled for 2024.

The revelries kick off with the Mask Festival, a colorful celebration of traditional masks and cultural performances, showcasing the rich heritage of the province.

Following the Mask Festival, the Frangipani Festival promises to enchant attendees with its breathtaking displays and floats.

The Tolai Varvagira is another anticipated event, offering a unique insight into the Tolai people’s customs and way of life. Visitors can immerse themselves in traditional dances, rituals, and storytelling that have been passed down through generations.

As the year progresses, Rabaul will also gear up for the East New Britain (ENB) Day celebrations, a jubilant occasion commemorating the province’s history and culture. Festivities typically include parades, cultural performances, and feasts that bring the community together in unity and pride.

Sports enthusiasts have also mark ENB’s calendar for the 2024 ExxonMobil Cup match, set to be played at Queen’s Park. This highly anticipated event will showcase top-tier rugby talent and provide an exciting opportunity for fans to cheer on their favorite teams in a thrilling competition on a different arena from the previous years.

With a diverse range of events to suit every interest, Rabaul’s calendar of events for 2024 promises a year filled with culture, excitement, and community spirit.

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