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Debate Continues on Regulating Internet Rates

By Adelaide Sirox Kari – EMTV News, Port Moresby

The debate continues on how much users are paying for internet in the country.

The issue was brought up in the last Parliament sitting stirring another debate on who should be regulating telecommunication companies.

EMTV News has brought the question across to the Prime Minister on why PNG Internet users are subjected to increasing Internet Rates.

The State Enterprise Minister William Duma was questioned in Parliament on why Internet rates had supposedly increased by 170%. Duma responded saying he didn’t believe the figures were right but claimed the Independent Consumer Consumption Commission had approved internet increases.

Following the minister’s comments, the ICCC held a media conference, to disclaim what the state minister had said on the floor of parliament.

EMTV News has approached NICTA several times on the issue on whether they do regulate Internet Data Bundles that a charged to users. NICTA response is they do not have any regulations in place for Internet rates.

That means it’s a blind spot that has created a market advantage for telecommunication companies and users at the mercy of them.

We recently asked the Prime Minister on whether his government was looking into the issue.

But up until now, a regulation isn’t in place to monitor internet rates, the rates can increase or decrease, and as PNG host APEC under the theme of Digital connectivity, the question remains if any Government agency will seriously look into regulating the Internet rates in PNG.

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