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Remote Aiome People to Bank at Home, Thanks to Wespac Bank

Mi Ripota Simeon Yeryer sent in this story from Aiome area in the Middle Ramu District, Madang Province yesterday (June 6).

Simeon reported that PNG Westpac Bank has authorised the installation of Electronic Fund Transfer Point of Sales (EFTPOS) in Aiome area recently.

“Aiome businessman Stafford Amnong’s store (Stam Trading) was installed with EFTPOS Terminal include In-Store Banking (SIS Bank) machine, thanks to Wespac for such a service to the rural people.” Mr Yeryer said.

Mr Yeryer said the Stam In Store Banking machine will be accessible for the following Services;

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Transfer
  • Pay Others
  • Public Servant Loan
  • Opening New Account
  • Public Servant Additional Loan

“Stam Trading installed three EFTPOS Terminal that people in the District will use now and avoid risks and burden of two days traveling Ramu River to Madang town just to do deposits and withdrawals.”

For those who have not been to Aiome, it is one of the remote locations in PNG only accessible by feet or plane.

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