Death Penalty: CS Ready but needs assistance

Correctional Service Commissioner Martin Belthazar saidthe Commission is ready to implementthe death penalty but needs assistance withthe methods.

A potential set back inthe government’s decision to implementthe death penalty is thaPNG’s jails do not have execution chambers.

Belthazar is concerned that none ofthe country’s twenty operational jails havethe equipment to carry outthe different modes of execution of criminals onthe death row.

He said countries that implement death penalty do it through a Firing Squad. This is because procedures of setting up a firing squad are not so complicated.

Belthazar said Hanging would need specially manufactured ropes. The use of LethalInjection and death by Deprivation of Oxygen would need specialized medical officers and importantly executioners would needthe stamina to performthe role.

He saidthe government needed to build a separate jail with execution chambers.

Correctional Service has already secured twenty seven hectors of land in Manus Province. Belthazar said this would be an ideal location to buildthe stand-alone facility to implementthe death penalty.

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