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Crucial medical attention saves patient

Forty-five years of negligence in the Health Services sector has nearly cost the life of another young man in the Yowai Ward 6 of Nomane Rural Local Level Government area in the Karimui-Nomane district of Chimbu province on Tuesday this week.

Bomai Jacob, was airlifted by a light aircraft owned by North-coast Aviation into Kundiawa, the capital of Chimbu, to save his life.

Present at the airlift was a very concerned local community leader, Motsy David who said that the pilot had to take a detour just to transport the patient to safety.

“It was very fortunate and divine intervention I would say because I had actually chartered the aircraft with K2500 to do some community awareness work by way of hosting community games for the 2021 Christmas season and the 2022 New Year’s Games Competition in the district”.

“And I saw them rushing this young man across the airfield on a homemade pole and mat stretcher and it just broke my heart to see this happening in my very own district,” he said.

David said that the man’s health condition deteriorated so quickly due to the lack of medical supplies and facilities to address critically ill people and thus thanked the good pilot for aborting his flight schedule to Karimui but instead flying into Kundiawa to safely deliver the man at the Sir Joseph Nombri Hospital.

“The medical attention by respective authorities from the National Department of Health and the Chimbu Provincial Health Authority is very poor and evidently lacking and there is total disrepair and negligence,” said a very disappointed David.

He blamed the local MP and the provincial government for putting the lives of the people at risk by not fixing up the roads in this very remote region of the province. 

Meanwhile, Jacob’s family and people of Yowai Ward 6 and Nomane RLLG conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to David and his team for saving the life of a son.

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