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By Godwin Eki

The book titled Criminal Law in Papua New Guinea Defence and Prosecution according to the Author and Public Solicitor Leslie Mamu took some time to put together after many sleepless nights, tiring hours and was time consuming. He said, it wasn’t easy putting the book together.

While this book features the laws surrounding criminal law and justice systems where both police and those involved in various offenses, Author Leslie Mamu says the book has everything a person needs to know when it comes to dealing with misconduct as well as those involved in criminal offences and wanting lawyers.  

He said, “the book covers the criminal justice system in the country and is about criminal cases were the police are involved or a person committing a crime to whether or not a person needs a lawyer for bail purposes or representation in court.”

With the launching being his sixth book, Mamu has also written other books in the past that are used by universities, practicing lawyers, to law firms and even court judges in the country.

While the newly launched book is on Criminal Law, there are also other books written by Author Leslie Mamu on Bail Application, Supreme Court and National Court Appeal.

“I have heard so many good feedback in the past on the books I have written and to know the assistance, support and knowledge it provides and the benefits to let alone helping the country advance a step further is the reason that motivates people like myself to do more on what I am passionate about,” said Mamu.

He said while book writing is no easy task, many times authors are writing books to help provide information that are necessary. He added that information is power when it comes to writing a book.

Mamu said, “as an Author and Public Solicitor, time and money are what every Papua New Guinean is concerned about or is the problem but when one puts time and effort into doing something and achieving that dream is something only one can achieve.”

Those who gathered to witness the launch on the night were public solicitors, deputy Police Commissioner, retired solicitors amongst other special invitees including both the printers and the publisher as well as the special guest who launched the book alongside Author and Public Solicitor Leslie Mamu was Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika.

Those interested to purchase the book can visit the PNG University Book shop to grab a copy.

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