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January 23, 2022

Council of Churches Supports Swine Fever Fight

The PNG Council of Churches has called on all church groups in the country to celebrate Christmas in a true spirit of celebration, and to refrain from activities that may cause lawlessness and social unrest.

PNGCC General Secretary Roger Joseph says churches play a big part in protecting community welfare and health.

When announcing the outbreak of the African Swine Fever in the South Asian region, the general secretary says, churches in the country will play a vital role in carrying out awareness on this deadly virus.

He says, the virus will affect the lives of people, and it has always been the greatest mission of churches to deal with cultural and social impacts.

“I say this with all seriousness. We have a culture where in all tragedy that strikes, we often look for the cause.” Reverend Joseph said.

According to the Reverend, it has always been a norm in every PNG society, that sorcery is blame for every mysterious death.

This has always leads to social unrest and lawlessness in the society.

He says, with the Virus posing a threat to the country’s bio security, churches will play a big part in protecting the community welfare and health, this festive season.

“It will be the same with the death of pigs caused by this deadly virus, and our part in this awareness is very important to protect our welfare, and at the same time our community health,” The reverend said.

Cardinal Sir John Ribat also urged the people to be aware of the virus and to celebrate Christmas responsibly.

He says Christmas is about helping each other, to ensure a safe and secure community.

“It is a big day, and we must look at ways to celebrate in the right manner,” Cardinal Sir John Ribat said.

By Rayon Lakingu, EMTV News, Port Moresby

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