Act Responsibly With Your Garbage, City Cleaners Say

by Quinton Alomp – EM TV, Port Moresby

People who clean Port Moresby’s main streets every morning have one request for city residents, and that is for more people to be more considerate in their actions when disposing rubbish, and not to litter.

The workers have appealed to passengers on PMVs and moving vehicles, to stop throwing rubbish onto the roads while travelling.

Vicky Nenga and Sevina Toap are among a handful of cleaners who wake up early each morning to clean the streets of Port Moresby. They sweep and collect rubbish scattered by pedestrians and people travelling on moving vehicles.

Vicky said they clean the streets every morning, yet people are littering. She hopes that people will mature in their attitude by 2015 and act responsibly by disposing their rubbish appropriately.

In June next year, Port Moresby will host the Pacific Games, which is expected to attract thousands of athletes. Vicky says city residents must start helping in small ways to make the city welcoming for other participating countries.

Similarly, Sevina says Papua New Guinea is developing every year with new changes; people should know how and where to dispose rubbish, and contribute to the cleanliness of the nation’s capital by being more considerate.

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