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Catch Play S3 – Episode 4, 2016

Aikeya and Dion are your hosts for this fourth edition of Catch Play, Season 3, bringing entertainment to sport!

Aikeya takes us out to Manu Auto Port – seeking out unsuspecting people and giving us all a laugh as we take it “2 da streets”.

“Gym Sesh” had Moe giving us a run through on building your upper body without using weights; using three different exercises.

Part 2 of Shooting safety is also featured on this edition, as Peter Leahy wraps up giving us a run down on proper safety procedures.
We feature Dineh Lawrence and find out a little more about this upcoming talent in the sport of Netball, and we wrap up the show with

Judah taking on Angus Donald in the Face Off.

Angus takes Judah on in shooting for Part 1, then they do a childhood through back in Part 2, and it all comes down to the wire with Thumb Wars to decide who comes out as King!

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