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Haus & Home – Episode 43, 2016

This week’s edition on Haus and Home, Chef Roger Fragler presents one of his simple fruit salad recipes – pawpaw and mango salad, Brian Bell with variety of well designed curtains, Ela Motors showcasing their Hino Trucks, BSP with more on the Kids and Sumatin Account, Trends Beauty International with their Palmers Products, and Dr Ambi with Healthy Minds.

In Cooking with Haus and Home, Chef Roger Fragler presents a delightful simple, yet mouth-watering recipe – the Pawpaw and Mango Salad.

In Shopping with Brian Bell, we check out the variety of the Beautifully designed and skilfully made curtains now available at Brian Bell Home Centre. Curtains are like protective home decors that keep the dust or certain amount of sunlight from entering your home and are also used to keep what’s inside of your home from being seen from the outside.

In search of a perfect vehicle brand, look no further than Ela Motors with their Hino Trucks. Speaking of improving your lifestyle, land transport is one of the greatest essentials for humanity – you could be in need of transporting your large items from one location to another and so forth. Jack Gilbert takes us through the Hino Trucks at Ela Motors.

Now saving up for your children is a tough thing to do. It requires a great deal of sacrifice. BSP has come a long way with its never ending financial services and tips and both the Kids Savings and the Sumatin Account are no exception. For the month of October, Tina Pomat brings to us in detail the Kids Savings and Sumatin Account.

Trends Beauty and Wellness feature the Palmer’s Products. In this segment, Mayerie talks about the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with a variety of products such as the Facial and Body Lotion for both Men and Women, Lotion for pregnant women having stretch marks, Wax Strips such as the two new Hair Remover Lotion both infused with Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter with Auto Blocking Technology.

Finally, on Healthy Minds, Dr.Ambi shares with us the 10 ways to build Resilience.

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