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Blockchain Pasifik Begins

By Leanne Jorari – EMTV, Port Moresby


The long anticipated Blockchain Pasifik began today in Port Moresby.

In a first for the country and the region, the Blockchain Pasifik event saw attendees from the private and public sector, school children as well as blockchain enthusiasts from around the region.

Opening the conference, NCD Governor Powes Parkop, who earlier this year pledged the city’s support for the event, re-established the government’s intentions to invest in the technology and made claim that PNG and specifically, Port Moresby, is ready for the disruptive technology.

In a show of support, sponsors of the event were also present like APEC’s SOM chair, Ivan Pomaleu and the Australian High Commission’s Councillor Economic, Dr. Chakriya Bowman who alluded to technology not being an innovation but a simple tool that has to be adapted.

Blockchain acts as an open ledger that tracks every transaction that has taken place with a given crypto currency. It can’t be altered.

Experts have compared it to a digital version of the book log used at a library, where you can see who borrowed a book and who returned it.


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