Barola, A Notorious Area Gets Electricity

A section of the Okuk Highway known for armed hold ups and rapes has been given electricity to attract business growth.

Over a thousand people living along the Barola section of the highway will have lights in their tucker shops and Newss. The lights paid for by district funds, aims at creating an atmosphere good for business.


Power will hopefully promote business along a section of the highway that was notorious for armed hold ups. On Sunday, a community operating small tucker shops received power to light up their shops.


The electricity is aimed at engaging passengers to buy what’s being sold. Barola was one of the most feared sections of the highway.


Hengenofi MP, Robert Atiyafa, says the district has started to provide rural electrification during the next three years.


The first two years has been devoted to fixing the three major roads. The development in the area follows years of being branded the most notorious section of the Okuk Highway.


“I would like to tell Papua New Guinea that Barola isn’t like it was before,” he says.


After stringent measures by police, the Law and order problem decreased, but crime has frightened people travelling on the highway. The electricity will hopefully create the atmosphere to attract passengers from PMV buses.

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