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Papua New Guinea’s premier dance sensation, Wan Squad, has etched its name in history by achieving a stunning 4th place finish at the prestigious World Hip Hop Dance Championship, this announcement was made recently.

The World Hip Hop Dance Championship, a pinnacle event in the world of dance, witnessed the electrifying performances of 67 top-tier dance crews in the fiercely contested Adult Division. Wan Squad’s journey to success began with a promising start, as they secured the 14th spot in the preliminary round. Their exceptional skills and artistic flair propelled them to the Semi Finals, where they elevated their performance to unprecedented heights, securing a spot amongst the top 4 out of 33 formidable dance crews.

In the Finals, Wan Squad’s mesmerizing choreography and synchronicity on the stage left the audience and judges in awe. The crew’s dedication, discipline, and tireless hours of practice translated into an outstanding performance that garnered them an impressive 4th place finish, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the dance world.

Wan Squad’s accomplishment not only showcased their immense talent but also brought immense pride to Papua New Guinea as they stood alongside the world’s finest. Mountain Dew, the proud sponsor of Wan Squad, played an instrumental role in nurturing and supporting the crew’s journey to success. Through unwavering dedication and assistance, Mountain Dew empowered Wan Squad to channel their hard work and passion into an awe- inspiring performance that resonated with audiences globally.

Pyan Ng, a member of Wan Squad and their dedicated coach stated, “this achievement is a testament to the unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit of our crew. We are immensely proud to have represented Papua New Guinea on the world stage and to have made our nation proud.”

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