Vehicles for 2018 APEC Meet Donated by Japan

The people of Japan have donated 68 vehicles for the upcoming APEC 2018 Summit.

Today, Minister for APEC, Justin Tkatchenko, received the vehicles compromising 23 minibuses, 23 microbuses and 22 ambulances from Ambassador of Japan to PNG, Satoshi Nakajima.

The vehicles were donated under the K13 million Non-Project Grant.

Minister Tkatchenko thanked the people of Japan for their continuous support.

Ambassador Nakajima said he hopes the vehicles will be fully utilised to assist during the APEC 2018 meeting as well as after the meeting.

Ambassador Satoshi says he was pleased that the vehicles were registered with the plate number BFF as the abbreviation stands for ‘best friends forever’ describing the great partnership between Japan and Papua New Guinea.

Adelaide Sirox Kari

Adelaide's current role in the News Department is as a Political Reporter covering cross-cutting issues on gender based and other social issues,

Adelaide Sirox Kari

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