Landowners, bystanders for too long

Asthe SME’summit plot a cause, Madang Governor Jim Kas saysthere has to be more landowner participation.

Cautioning that landowners have been bystanders in development for a long time, Kas made a strong representation for his people to be included.

Jim Kas is Governor of a province wherethe participation for the local people inthe provincial capital is very minimal. Nearly every shop in town is ether owned or operated by a foreign national.

While political correctness dictates how that fact has pointed out through various forums, Jim Kas makes no secret ofthe fact thatthe provincial government is concerned overthe limited participation by its people.

“If we were to do a survey of allthe ownership of shops in town, it’s ninety-five percent owned by Chinese. There are no Papua New Guinea businessmen in Madang town,” said Jim Kas.

Mr Kas welcomed delegates tothe SME conference and made a strong representation on behalf of landowners and ther provinces calling onthe government to make specific funding available throughthe National Development Bank.

The high level delegation headed bythe Minister for Commerce Richard Maru includesthe Community Development Minister Loujaya Toni.

They’re in Madang to discussthe participation of Papua New Guineas in Small to Medium Size Businesses.

The government’says it wants to make surethe people benefit fromthe resource boom.

Overthe next two daysthe issues of unemployment and new opportunities will be discussed in detail.

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