Women Traders In Informal Business Sector

The National Research Institute says the number of Women in informal business more specifically local markets outweigh that of men in the same venture.

The report titled Women’s Market Participation and Potential for Business Advancement is a case study of women traders in Papua New Guinea.


Trading in open markets has been a predominant form of informal economic activity in PNG, and women are becoming more involved, however are faced with many issues and constraints. 


Despite strong economic growth and the development of extractive industries in the country, there is little to be seen for the local economy and community.


The report addresses three main issues that look at the supply chain of local products and the stakeholders in the supply chain, the assets that businesswomen posse, and the factors and constraints in women’s advancement from semi subsistence to more established micro-enterprises and small business.


Researcher, Dr. Yunxian Wang conducted a survey of 244 women traders in the Gerehu, Gordon’s, Koki, Malaoro, Rainbow and Waigani markets.


The survey, looked at three categories of produce traded, this include green vegetables and fruits, root products and marine products, most of which come from the Central Province.


During the research issues were identified that women out number men in the informal business sector. Some of the women were uneducated or did not attend school, and most of them had to sell to meet family expenses or for school fees.


The research was only conducted in the Nation’s capital due to financial constraints but most importantly, because Port Moresby will be the stepping stone for potential business advancement for women in the country.


This report will help policy makers especially those in the industry, to look into informal business for women and improve facilities and securities as these are the main concerns for women in the informal business sector.

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