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Western Highlands Men Take Part in Gender-Based Violence Awareness

Police reports have shown that five cases of gender-based violence are reported every day at Mt. Hagen Police station.

Its main causes are alcohol and drug abuse, polygamous marriages, and gambling.

Family Health International 360, a non-governmental organisation, encourages men in the Western Highlands Province to take the lead and prevent escalating violence.

FHI360, hosted a forum yesterday in Mt. Hagen to get men involved in the fight to reduce gender-based violence, and to understand GBV causes and effects.

The turnout was good, with men hearing case studies of GBV, and discussing recommendations needed for the province.

A Senior sergeant at Mt. Hagen police station, Susan Mondia, shared her story about gender-based violence.

Mondia shares that being in a disciplinary force, and marrying a man who is also a policeman was difficult for her.

Reports from Police and hospitals in Western Highlands Province show that violence rates of GBV remain high in Western Highlands.

Reports from Mt. Hagen District, and National Court also show that in 2015, 32 women sought help from the Courts to get Interim Protection Orders (IPOs).

Last year, 29 cases of violence at home were registered, and they sought the courts to get IPOs.

One of the main causes of GBV are cultural barriers and ‘big manship’.

Four main types of GBV are: rape; sexual assault; physical assault; and forced marriages.

From the case presentations yesterday, force marriage is leading in Western Highlands.

The attendees recommended for all, including the local members of parliament, to work together to reduce gender-based violence in Western Highlands Province.

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