Western Highlands Education Board Warned

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Western Highlands Governor, Paias Wingti, warned the Provincial Education Board (PEB) to control their work ethic or be terminated from work.

He said this at the swearing-in ceremony of the PEB committees in Mt Hagen recently.

Wingti’s foremost pillar of development in the Province is Education and he wants the board members to be the role model to students and teachers.

Wingti told the 19 PEB board members who were sworn in on Monday that being a role model starts with refraining from smoking, chewing betel-nut, drinking alcohol and gambling.

He said these will add positive change to the society and reformation can take place.

Wingti told the board that their crucial job is to change people, especially teachers’ mindsets of thinking and reasoning things so that children can get quality education.

These board members for the first time were given powers under the new Provincial Education Reform Act to appointing board members in all the schools in the Province.

According to the governor, this will avoid nepotism or appointment of drunkards, smokers, gamblers and betel-nut chewers.

The Governor said this kind of reformation will set a higher standard of education in the Province.

The appointed 19 Provincial Education Board Members were properly screened to make sure those who do not smoke, drink, gamble or chew were appointed to lead the education division in the Province.


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Vasinatta Yama

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