Waste Management Division Responds to Complaints on Garbage Collection

By Vasinatta Yama – EM TV, Port Moresby

The National Capital District Commission’s Waste Management Division came out clear today and said that they are not in charge of the collection of rubbish in the city of Port Moresby. 

This response was made after numerous complaints by city residents yesterday; blaming them for not collecting rubbish on time.

It has been reported that rubbish in residential areas, have not been collected for nearly a month now.

Today, the NCDC Waste Management Division went out to the streets of Port Moresby, collecting garbage that has been left neglected for almost a month. This is part of their “standby job” when the contractor in charge of collecting rubbish goes on break, on public holidays.

The NCDC staff said that they only supervise and assist the appointed contractor, who is in charge of the city’s garbage collection.

Yesterday, city residents were complaining about the overflowing of garbage in front of their yards, and along city roadsides and the many health hazards associated with rubbish being left uncollected. 

Sewerage issues, particularly the leakage of sewerage, is another problem surfacing in parts of the city.

In Downtown Port Moresby, sewerage and water is being seen leaking out of a building, creating a pool of water full of rubbish at the base of a power pole. The waste has flowed onto the sidewalks, blocking the pedestrian footpath, and creating a traffic hazard.

Meanwhile, the Waste Management Division is urging city residents to pack their rubbish in proper garbage or plastic bags, and place them in garbage bins, to make work easier for their employees, who manually pick up the rubbish.

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