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In a rare occasion on Saturday 25th of November 2023, more than a thousand vibrant and committed Pathfinders and Ambassadors of the Seventh Day Adventist Church colored up the Pacific Adventist University grounds in Port Moresby. Adorned in their respective uniforms with an air of confidence and gratitude for what seemed a long and hectic year, the day saw about 1, 154 Ambassadors and Pathfinders in Moresby’s North East District receive pins in their various classes.

This took place in a mass Combined Moresby North East District Pathfinder and Ambassador Investiture program, which is usually carried out in local Adventist churches annually. With the district noted for being the most populated among the three districts of Moresby with around 26 organized churches, only 20 churches were noted to have attended the event, contributing to the total number of candidates to be invested.

While the Ambassador group, which consisted mainly of young adults from the ages of 16 to 21 had 9 participants, the Pathfinder group which consisted of ages 10 to 15 had 1, 145 participants. The pins received were to signify that the respective participants had finished a class in their junior youth departments and are ready to proceed to the next levels.

A highlight for the event saw a Pathfinder Paul Francis from the 9 Makana Church club receive the award of excellence as an outstanding Pathfinder in his club. When asked how he felt about this achievement, Paul said he was ver much surprised but honored that he was chosen for such an esteemed award.

“This has encouraged me to keep on doing what am doing in the ministry,” he said. In his address to the congregation, the Director for Sabbath School and Personal Ministry Pr. Nathan Kaipu reminded the adorned participants that the pin they had received represents Christ, the character to whom they ought to represent.

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