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The Kup Women for Peace conducted an awareness walk for peace at Kerowagi in Simbu province.

This awareness was aimed at bringing peace between two clans that had an election-related conflict during the election period.

The awareness was funded through the mobilization Grant’s by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) supported by the Department of Community Development Youth and Religion to support the affected families in tribal fights and to end domestic violence.

The fight between two clans (Mingaku and Kombuk Nange) started in July of 2022 and ended in November of the same year.

 This was an election related conflict which resulted in properties being destroyed, lives lost and displacement of families.

The Kup Women for peace initiated this awareness walk for peace purposely to mobilize women, girls and children who were affected and displaced by this tribal fight.

Participants in this awareness were Kerowagi Police, students, Manda Peace mediators, community leaders and Kup Women for Peace who held their banners and marched saying No to Violence and Tribal Fighting and yes to Peace.

Mothers were calling for peace and to stop tribal fights. They want their children to go back to school and want freedom in their Communities.

The awareness was a success where clan leaders from both sides came forward and said they want peace and justice in their communities and want their lives to return back to normal.

With help from the Kerowagi police and Minj Police led by Sergeant Peter Lari as well as Mediators and community leaders, they were able to bring both clans together.

Next Wednesday the 11th of January 2023, both clans will surrender their guns, bows and arrows and sign a peace agreement.

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