UPNG Council suspends Registrar

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By Adelaide Sirox Kari – EMTV News, Port Moresby

The University of Papua New Guinea Council has suspended its Registrar, Dr. Peter Petsul, for not administering a council decision to bring down UPNG 2019 fees back to the compulsory fee of 2018.

This comes after several UPNG student’s parents complained about the increase.

On January 23rd the new interim council had advised that the government promised to allocate UPNG funds in return for the University to bring the fees back to the 2018 structure.

On the 4th of February, EMTV News had confirmed reports from Students that they had continued to pay the 2019 fee of K4242 as per UPNG accounts instructions.

In a telephone interview with EMTV News, UPNG Registrar Dr. Peter Petsul, explained that the accounts department had continued to charge students K4,292 because an interim UPNG Council decision had not been effected in writing, or distributed as a memo.

Yesterday, a memo was sent out to students and staff advising of the fee structure changes, and the suspension of Dr. Peter Petsul.

UPNG Chancellor, Jeffery Kennedy, advised students and staff in Circular No.641 that the decision for the suspension was reached after the registrar had failed to implement various council decisions including the decision by the council to rescind the former council’s decision to increase the 2019 tuition fee structure.

It is expected the acting-Vice Chancellor will appoint an acting-registrar to fill the position for 2 weeks.

Adelaide Sirox Kari

Adelaide's current role in the News Department is as a Political Reporter covering cross-cutting issues on gender based and other social issues,

Adelaide Sirox Kari