Unitech Students: NEC Return Schram

Students and staff at Unitech want the National Government to issue Dr. Albert Schram’s return and allow him back to the school.


Students demanded for the government to bring back Dr. Schram in a forum yesterday, saying that the school functioned better with Schram.

He was refused visa after leaving the country for a trip overseas.


Several days after the appointment of the New Higher Education Minister, Delilah Gore, students at Unitech want answers from the National Executive Council.


They want to know when Minister, Gore will address the on-going problems that have caused more disturbances in the school, by bringing Schram back.


A Senior Unitech students, remembers the rapid change in the school when Dr.Schram was in charge.


The Unitech Saga carries on from 2013 when Schram was refused entry into the country.


Since the refusal for him to enter the country, University students have boycotted classes and held many forums, to get the government to reinstate Schram.


Even in his absence, Dr. Schram has been active on the Internet, commit teeing on his removal.


They are calling on the Prime Minister to reinstate Schram, and end the Unitech saga.

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