Remote Chimbu District Demand Service Delivery

The people of a remote Chimbu District have asked the National Government for road infrastructure and improvements to schools.


Salt Nomane- Karimui District asked the National Executive Council, to fix roads in the district and end the neglect of basic service delivery they have faced for a long time.

National Planning Minister, Charles Abel says districts authorities will be created to better service delivery.


The Salt Nomane- Karimui District located in South Chimbu is known as the back page of the Chimbu Province.


Several more kilometers to the south, will take you to the Gulf Province, this district like many others is remote, and service delivery has been a struggle.


Yesterday, the people had a chance to voice their needs for infrastructures such as roads, health and education when Members of the National Executive Council attended a road maintenance launching.


The fixing of the 70-kilometer Bomai Highway looks to strength an economy based on the Agriculture Sector, a sector renowned for producing organic coffee exports.


Paul Asi and several other community leaders spoke for around 40,000 people who need school and health centres’ after the roads are fixed.


National Planning Minister, Charles Abel, announced the introduction of District Authorities to ensure service delivery, similar to those that existed in Menyamya and Finchafen in the 90’s.


For Education needs in the district, newly appointed, Minister Nick Kuman announced a full scale scoping for the country and he says Karimuri will get what it needs for education.


Salt Nomane- Karimui District’s, MP, Mogirema Wei had pushed for the pushing of this projects in his district.


Facing an on-going court dispute over the election, his aim was to help the people of Karimuri get a road launching, before the court’s decision today.


In terms of economic development for the district, it will get K10 million from the K40 million allocated for the Agriculture Commercialisation Policy, in this year’s budget.


This policy is the centrepiece of the total agricultural budget to participate in large-scale commercialization of agricultural commodities, such as coffee. But, K10 million of this money will go to building more roads linking Karimui and other places. 


Three hundred and two million kina is also set-aside for the Agriculture/Small to Medium Enterprises, but before that will happen, the roads need to be improved in many rural areas of the country.

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