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Unitech-Buimayong Road Left Forgotten

Residents of Lae living along the Unitech-Buimayong road are calling on the Morobe Provincial Government to seal their section of the road.

While the national election is months away, the Unitech-Buimayong road has not been sealed for more than a decade.

Harriman Biyamu, is a long-time resident of Buimayong. He first came and settled here in 1979. Biyamu says, the last time this road was sealed was in 1984.

” We have grown accustomed to the road condition,” Biyamu said.

The road deteriorated over the years leaving it in its current state. Much of the damaged road is caused by rain.

During sunny weather, it is dusty. Another health hazard to commuters and residents.

The bad road also causes delays for residents, and road users to get to their desired destination on time.

Last Friday, workers and residents raised concerns over the state of the Milford Haven Road. Another road in the city that has been neglected.

The residents are hoping that the K7.5million the Morobe Provincial Government budgeted for this year on the Lae city road, drainage and grass cutting will solve this problem once and for all.

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