UN Secretary General: Strive to overcome differences in 2017

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Image: New UN Secretary-General’s First Day at Work.


“Make 2017 a year in which citizens, governments and leaders strive to overcome differences,” this is the New Year message from the newly appointed UN Secretary General, António Guterres.

Guterres is determined to make peace his core business to prevent and solve conflicts, with the priority to make human dignity the core of his work.
His wish is to resolve and make peace a goal that can guide.

Merilyn Diau-Katam

Commenced work at EMTV in October 2015, covering Health, Education and Environment stories under the News and Current Affairs Department, while also translating and presenting Tok Pisin Nius. She is now a Senior Online Officer for EMTV Online.

Merilyn Diau-Katam

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