Ulawun Eruption Subsides

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Picture by John B. Dikaung


By Edwin Fidelis – EMTV News, Kokopo

Volcanic activities may have subsided at Mt. Ulawun in West New Britain province but people near the area have been warned to stay alert.
The Rabaul Volcanological Observatory in Rabaul is closely monitoring the situation.
In a volcano bulletin released earlier today, the observatory has indicated that volcanic activities have become less severe than yesterday.
Yesterday’s eruption produced large audible noises. It also spewed lava flows and mild earthquakes.
The observatory says there is a possibility that it might erupt again despitw the low level threat.
The West New Britain Disaster team is on the ground assessing the situation. A formal assessment report on the damages is yet to be made known.
But for now, those living within the affected areas say food, clean drinking water and medication will be much needed in the coming days.
Yesterday’s eruption is one of the biggest in nearly two decades, despite emitting ashes occasionally over the years.
The eruption lasted for at least 10 hours, depositing significant ash and other materials on the upper slope of the volcano, posing risks of an avalanche if it rains.
More than 3, 000 people from the affected villages have since been evacuated and relocated to safer areas. Food gardens and homes have been largely damaged during the ash fall.

Edwin Fidelis

is EMTV's correspondent based in Kokopo, East New Britain. He has been with EMTV for four years covering social issues, crime, politics, development and business stories for news and documentary programs. Edwin graduated from Divine Word University in 2013 with a Bachelor in Communication Arts and Journalism.

Edwin Fidelis

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