Two Casualties in Gordon Car Accident

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By Helen Sea – EMTV News, Port Moresby

A 15-seater Toyota Hiace bus overturned at around 5:45 am this morning next to the Gordon Police Station. Two of the persons involved in the accident received serious injuries and were taken to hospital by St John Ambulance who arrived on the scene minutes after the accident occurred.

A family from Mekeo were travelling to the village heading Erima way, when a sedan with the intent to make an illegal U-turn, cut through their path. It is believed the driver of the sedan was intoxicated and did not see the Toyota Hiace moving in from his left at high speed. According to bystanders, the driver of the 15 seater Toyota Hiace swerved to the side to avoid a fatal hit but tipped the front left of the sedan, sending the Toyota Hiace onto its side.

Police from the Saraga response unit arrived on the scene and apprehended the driver of the sedan who had not sustained any injuries. Of the 8 people that were in the 15 seater bus, the driver and a woman who received injuries to their leg and head respectively were rushed to the hospital by St John ambulance who rushed to the scene of the crash.

Helen Sea

Helen Sea joined EMTV in July 2015 straight after the Pacific Games as Media Logger in our Archival Library. Shy but attentive, Helen is a self confessed bookworm. Her passion lies in reading and learning everyday. She attributes her current role as presenter on National EMTV News to her ability to learn while on the job.

Helen Sea