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Two buried, Six still missing


By Martha Louise – EM TV News, Madang

The bodies of the two children that had been reported missing for three days, were buried today by Karkar Islanders.

The children were part of the group traveling from Bagbag Island to KarKar Island when their boat capsized last week Friday.

One of the survivors, Saul Yau, says they were already close to Karkar when they were hit by a huge wave.

Yau and two other passengers managed to swim to Karkar island and alerted islanders of the incident.

Seven boats went out that same day to search for the missing passengers. That search team searched for three days.

However, yesterday, the search party received news that the bodies of two children, a five-month-old infant and a six-year-old  that were on board, were found in Bogia waters. The bodies were brought back to Karkar island late last night and were buried this morning.

Malu says they have also tried calling the Provincial Disaster Office for an immediate response but was told the disaster office did not have the resources to assist.

Member for Sumkar, Chris Nangoi, said the provincial disaster center cannot adequately respond to an emergency in such incidents.

However, the district is assisting locals to continue searching for the six that are still missing.




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