Tuition Fee Free delays experienced in schools

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By Sharlyne Eri – EMTV News, Port Moresby


Schools throughout the country are yet to receive their share of Tuition Fee Free materials for this year. This is because TFF funds released this year, are specifically for the last fourth quarter of 2018. 90 percent of schools in the nine districts of Morobe Province, have received materials or that quarter, and are likely to receive the 2019 TFF supplies next year.

Morobe Provincial Materials and Supply Officer, Alabe Saugin, confirmed that TFF materials received by the nine districts this year are for the last quarter of 2018. He said these materials were delivered to the provincial Materials and Supply Centre in November last year and distributions began this year.

The Education Department has issued a total of K115, 487,777.07 million for TFF funding this year. This funding for Elementary, Primary, High Schools, National High Schools, and Vocational Centers.

The Deputy headteacher of Milford Haveh Primary School in Lae, Mr. Yelo Amu, confirmed that the school has received TFF materials, however, is concerned with how the materials are distributed.

He said schools should be given a list of materials to choose from, because at times, what they receive is not necessary. He added that some materials are not of quality, with materials such as biros, running dry quickly.

Mr. Amu is therefore appealing for funding to be given directly to schools, so they can purchase what they really needed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Saugin is urging school inspectors in each districts to seek assistance from the respective MPs, to assist schools with transporting TFF materials. He clarified that the Provincial Headquarters can only deliver to district offices and schools have to pick up the materials from there.



Sharlyne Eri

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