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Trade Minister says PNG can learn from India on Agricultural SMEs

The Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Wera Mori, has shone the light on the benefits of Agriculture.

In an interview with EMTV recently, Trade Commerce and Industry minister, Wera Mori, said Papua New Guinea has looked to India to create SME programs in Agriculture.

One of the pillars of the Alotau Accord was to grow the economy. Recently, PNG is discussions with India to assist in Small-to-Medium Enterprise programs.

However, Trade Commerce and Industry Minister, Wera Mori, said in order for the PNG economy to prosper, PNG must have a conducive economic environment to stimulate economic growth.

Mori said a heavy reliance on the Extractives industry in the recent past has caused PNG setbacks, and it is timely that it reinvests in activities that can generate income, such as Agriculture, and not focus so much on investing in areas where there is no financial return.

Mori said the idea behind borrowing from India to assist in SME programs for PNG is to provide unemployed youth in the country with seed capital to assist them to generate income. Similarly, small-scale farmers will also be engaged in this program to carry their produce to the markets as well.

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