Members register for NID after Parliament

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Members of Parliament were given the opportunity to get them to register under the National Identification program.

NID Acting Register, General Michale Michael Kumung, said it was a part of their government department registration strategy and he had contacted the speaker’s office to arrange it.

Kumung said it will also help with getting one on one with members to see if they can partner with the office.
First to come out from the parliament sitting session this morning was member for Maprik John Simon, followed by the Member for Namatanai Walter Schnaubelt, and Madang MP Bryan Kramer.

” We have lunch and we make sure that we get the correct information to start their registration,” said Kumung.

Soon after, more members of both Government and opposition joined.

Acting Register General Michale Michael Kumung said it was also an opportunity for the office to see if any member of parliament would want to partner with them to carry rollouts in there district.

” This is also a chance for us to get the members to drive the Registration in their respective districts,” said Th

Meanwhile, Kumung says they are hoping to have 400,000 people registered by the end of this month.

” We are standing at 365,000 and there are still 59,000 that are still being processed in queue,” Kumung remarked.

Adelaide Sirox Kari

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Adelaide Sirox Kari

One thought on “Members register for NID after Parliament

  • 17/02/2018 at 15:59

    Department of Education was the first to register its officers in 2015. NID Mobile team never completed the job. After three years and still waiting.

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