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By John Sio Mori

Four tribes in the Genawauga LLG dominated the market to supply fresh produce to Migendi Market but due to the rising law and order problems the market has been closed for one month.

Although important institutions like the Migendi Health Center, Kondiu Secondary School, Donbosco Technical School and Kerewagi benefits from this market, the market had turned into a buy and sale center for homebrew by youths.

This led the community to close the market for almost a month.

Community leaders yesterday agreed to work closely with the district administration and the police to apprehend major distributors and reopen the market for normal business.

Situated along the main highway, Migendi Dux market had become the hot spot for youths and drunkards who usually cause disturbances along the market and main highway after taking illicit substances.

A community leader from the Muglaku tribe, Mr. Ben Wamugl said Kerewagi district has been rated 4th by the National Fiscal Commission and the only hindrance to progress of development is law and order issues. He urged his fellow leaders that hence, they must address law and order to give confidence to people and public travelers of their safety and welfare along the highway before they embark on other development.

A ceremony was held yesterday to restore normalcy and peace to reopen the Migendi Dux Market.

About 200 youths from Kunambau Community in Genawauga LLG, Kerewagi District Surrendered Gas Bottles used for Producing Illicit Homebrew to Police at Migendi Dux Market

During the ceremony, a plea was made to local MP, Francis Kikin Suine to build a police post at Migendi.

Acting Chief Executive Officer for Kerewagi District Administration, Philip Bomal praised community leaders for the positive initiative to work closely with the District Administration and police.

He said in order for progress to take place everyone must collectively work together under the motto of Kerewagi district; Leave no one behind.

Bomal urged all youth to go back and make use of their lands and live a honest life.

“It’s about time we have to do away with all illegal activities ike producing homebrew, selling marijuana and back for free handouts, we have to stop all this practice and do whatever is right and become productive citizens of our community,” he stressed.

He warned youths that many had died from consuming homebrew and this is a bad precedence to have set and witnessed.

The ceremony was also witnessed by the Police from Kerewagi, Catholic Church Representative, and the Kerewagi District Administration.

Kunambau Community leader and Former member for kerewagi, Camilus Dagama, spoke highly of the youths that took part in the grand gesture, claiming it as a positive way forward for the community.

He said youths as our future leaders have to be respected as well as supported in government programs as well as in the family setting.

He further encouraged youth participation in the SME space and agriculture

He went on to appeal to his Migendi community, especially the youths, to respect the general public, public servants and public properties.  

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