TIPNG: PNG Percieved Corrupt

An International Corruption watch group has released statistics, that show Papua New Guinea as a highly corrupt country.

Transparency International in its two-day workshop, showed data collected by donor agencies, that identity’s the country, as one of the world’s most corrupt.

Transparency International Chairman, Lawrence Stephens, says the aim now will be, to educate the next generation about corruption.


Transparency International Chairman, Lawrence Stephens told students attending a recent workshop held in Lae, that the future depends on the uncorrupted.

“That level, I am asking you all to become involved in lifting us up,” he says.


Donor agencies rank the country as highly corrupt, at 144 out of 175 countries, which took part in a study identified from statistics provided by three separate aid donors. 


Some may say the results are biased, but corruption in the country has been an on-going issue. The statistics come after, concerns already raised by Members of the public on social media, and politicians.


And more recently, the boycott by Unitech students, calling on the government, to address issues relating to corruption within the institution.


“We the people of Papua New Guinea have equal rights to share equitably the resources of the country,” he says.


The organization aims to give students a glimpse into the effects of corruption seen every day, the impact it has on service delivery such as health, Land deals, Roads and infrastructure.


Most agree that whether the results will improve or get worse, will depend on the choices made by the people.


The workshop tells a dime future, a slope in the country’s economy, decreasing foreign investment and destroyed democracy. The change will depend on the how successful the fight against corruption is.

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