Teachers Report To Parliament

The Teaching Service Commission has blamed the long and complicated appointment cycle on the ongoing lack of transparency, and an inefficient administration.

The commission reported to the Special Parliamentary Committee on Education, that the cycle consists of 12 sub-processes involving many system operators at national and sub-national levels.


The committee found that this had contributed to bad appointment decisions which affected teachers’ positions and consequently their salaries and allowances. This report and other information will be presented to parliament tomorrow.


Of all jobs, the commission reports that teachers have the longest appointment process in the country, some 15 stages, before appointment of a teacher posting is confirmed. All these processes must be completed between November and March, about five months every year.


Education Secretary, Dr. Michael Tapo, in his submission to the committee, reported that the whole process of appointing teachers is long and complex.


Dr. Tapo said the employer of the 60,000 teachers in the country, the Teaching Service Commission, admitted that the appointment cycle is quite long and complicated, and consists of 12 sub processes involving many system operators.


The report revealed that this contributed to ongoing lack of transparency and inefficient administration of the appointment processes by various appointing authorities at national and sub-national levels.


Teachers union, the PNG Teachers Association also supports this move and called for a change in the teacher appointment tenure structure; from one year tenure to 3-5 years tenure at one locality, instead of the current one year tenure at one locality.


This, among other information, will be presented in Parliament tomorrow when it resumes at 10am for the third and final week of the May session.


Wabag Open MP and Chairman of the Parliamentary Referral Committee on Education, Robert Ganim, is expected to present the report after his Committee went on a nation-wide investigation into the welfare of teachers between March 17 and Apr 10 this year. 


The committee will recommend to Parliament to review the ALESCO Payroll System, investigate the system governing the Teachers’ Leave Fare, investigate entitlements of retired and retrenched teachers, policy and legislative amendments to stabilise tenure of teacher appointment to 3-5 years instead of a one-year tenure, review the Education Act and related public service governing Acts.

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