Sirunki High School Gets Much Needed Funding

Over a thousand students’in Sirunki, Wabag district have missed out on school for over 17 years becausethere was confusion between Ltheran Church andthe provincial government on who was to fund it.


Its High School has just seen light atthe end ofthe tunnel whenthe local MP Robert Ganim presented equipment valued over seventy-thousand kina to maintainthe classrooms and cleanthe surrounding areas.

Mr. Ganim when presentingthe gifts, appealed tothe Sirunki landowners to accept development and allow for the Enga provincial government to develop it. 


Sirunki high school is run bythe Ltheran Gutnius Church. It is situated inthe border of Wabag and Laiagap Porgera districts.


Mr. Ganim said nether ofthese Governments had consideredthem for assistance because each thoughtthe ther will take care of Sirunki high school resulting in total neglect over years, eventhe church was caught between this problem.


Lack of funding overthe years has seen its entire building and classroom infrastructure dilapidated.


Last week, Sirunki Ltheran high and primary schools received a brand new Lukas saw-mill, a new ToyotaLand:ruiser 10-seater as well spray pumps, pesticides, and seeds of potatoes, garlic and onion – all valued over 12 thousand kina.


Mr. Ganim saidthe saw-mill and ther gifts are sufficient enough to assist inthe renovation ofthe buildings, build desks, beds and ther school needs.


The local MP also Enga’s former Education Advisor said education isthe key to developingthe district and that Sirunki has a lot of catching up to do.


He appealed tothe Sirunki landowners to accept development and allow for the school to re-open its doors.


He asked for their support and promised thatthe Enga Provincial Government has funds allocated for the redevelopment program.  


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