Sirinumu Dam Water Level Runs Low

by Delly Waigeno – EM TV News, Port Moresby

The persisting dry spell around the country is taking a toll on the Nation’s Capital.

Port Moresby’s only water source, the Sirinumu Dam, is slowly drying up.

Water levels have already dropped below the 50% mark.

Sirinumu Dam is the only source of water for service providers PNG Power and Eda Ranu for power generation and water supply for Port Moresby.

The dry period which began around June has caused the levels at Sirirnumu to drop.

The levels are now down to 41% spill level, and concerns are being raised as the over half a million people of Port Moresby may soon feel the effects.

Electricity supply will be affected as the required water pressure is lost.

Eda Ranu’s treatment plant at Mount Eriama usually produces between 160 and 170 mega litters of water to NCD in a single day. This output will also be affected as the dry season continues.

Locals around the Sirinumu Dam area said that if the El Nino situation continues and the water levels continue to drop, it will have the same effects as the dry season of 1997.

Eda Ranu has begun a 2-month campaign, urging customers and the general public to assist in conserving water so that this essential resource can be preserved throughout the El Nino period.

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