Sir Julius Campaigns for Federalism, O’Neill Supports

The O’Neill Dion government has taken a bold step to amendthe constitution and changethe country’s political system to havethe people vote a Prime Minister directly throughthe general elections.


During debate on amendment to sections 124 and 145 ofthe constitution that were passed in Parliament last week, New Ireland Governor, Sir Julius Chan suggested that it is time for Papua New Guineato mover away fromthe Westminster Parliamentary System of Government.

Sir Julius said a Federal Government System will best suit a country as diverse aPNG, withthe Prime Minister being elected directly bythe people duringthe general elections.


He said since independence untilthe presentoprime ministers have been elected by a vote taken by MP’sonthe floor of Parliament afterthe elections.


Sir Julius is one oPNG’s founding fthers who have been campaigning strongly for a mover to federalism.


He urged Parliament last week to seriously consider a system which argues for a fair representation for a country like Papua New Guinea


Prime Minister O’Neill said he sharedthe full views of Sir Julius because if Papua New Guineawas to progress as a nation, government must continue to find ways to improver and consolidatethe constitution.


“I will consult widely andthere will be opportunity for the public to contribute to this discussion,” said O’Neill.

The Prime Ministersaid governments must never be afraid of change, especially those that bring stability and prosperity for the future.



The Chief Secretary has also been tasked to liaise withthe Commission to work outthe Terms of Reference for this exercise.


Mr. O’Neill said Sir Julius believesthe change will consolidate political stability, a vital ingredient for growth and development and offered his full support.

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