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Simbu Section of Highlands Highway Remains A Challenge

Locals along the Simbu Section of the Highlands Highway want parts of the highwayto be fixed quickly.

The Simbu section of the Okuk Highway remains a challenging task as different  levels of Government make efforts to upgrade and maintain the road.

A concerned local says the road needs attention and must be properly upgraded as a national highway.

Waing Karinge says communities along the highway have remained optimistic for authorities to fix the road and with so much been said about funding for this highway, he is yet to see any proper work being carried out.

A contractor has been engaged to maintain deteriorating parts of the highway  and says work progressed well until the detection of COVID 19 in the country.

He says though work was affected, authorities are back and on the go to fix and maintain the road.

It’s a mammoth task for the local contractor who is very positive to maintain this part of the national highway that links 4 other highlands provinces and the MOMASE region.

The Simbu section of the highway has been a problem because of the soil type that cracks and falls away easily, damaging the road.

It has taken over 3 years to fix this part of the highway.

Locals say Communities are supportive with a 20-metre distancing from the national corridor.

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