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Silent Night for Lae Police 2016 Christmas Operations

Lae’s Police force successfully completed their Christmas operations without major disturbances last night into the early hours of the morning.

Lae’s EMTV crew were out with the police last night throughout the patrols to the back road area, Tent city and West Taraka.

Detainees at the town police stations cells also had a little Christmas feast.

The Lae Police began Christmas operations at the town cell, detainees waiting for court dates were given a small feast. The overcrowded cells received a small taste of Christmas.

From the the town station a convoy to the miles area, there all was quiet.

Three mile to Chinatown, no disturbances; at Chinatown, the Station Commander, Senior Constable, Gordan Matafimo gave a brief report.

” We are encouraging residents to celebrate their festive holiday within their residences, but you will get into trouble if you decide to cause disturbance outside the streets and to the public,”said Officer Matafimo.

Also patrolling was Senior Sergeant Alois Gabuor who is in charge of community policing.

“We will not be able to do our job if it is not for vigilant community units by Law and Order Committees in different parts of the city- we appreciate their cooperation,” Sergeant Gabuor stressed.

Leaving Chinatown, the patrol units passed through the back road area, all was peaceful, than Tent city, also peaceful.

West Taraka seemed peaceful, but then police found a man, slumming it in this car wreck. He was searched and asked to go home.

Leaving West Taraka, Kamukumung, at Awagasi market, a youth is told to go home, his follow revellers told to follow suit.

Still in Kamkumung, at the Market, a bus gets stopped, the crew members all drunk, the driver also drunk, their nagging made police questioning difficult.

The bus was impounded and the drivers license taken off him.

Eriku, town and the Market areas were all quiet, the patrol units, returned to the town police station at 3 a.m. this morning.

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