Settlement Without Water For Four Months

The five mile settlement in Port Moresby has been without water for almost four months now, and attempts to get Eda Ranu to look into the issue by community leaders have all failed.

This problem has caused health and sanitation issues as well as accommodation problems for some who have to move, due to the water problem.


Water is always an issue in settlements in the country especially in the Nation’s Capital.


The five mile settlement in the city is no exception however, the people living in this area have been without water for four months.


Community leader Simon Nickodemus told Emtv that water problem in the settlement was an ongoing issue.


The settlers are now paying two kina for a bucket of water to wash, and five to ten kina to do laundry from the nearby residents.


Women and children are the ones most affected by this problem as they have to carry buckets as well as containers to fetch water, and more than ten children have been hospitalized due to dehydration, malnutrition and sanitation problems, the youngest being only four months.


Community leaders are calling on the government to look into the issue as well as Eda Ranu, to respond to the matter as health and sanitation is the main concern for the people.

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