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Services affected in Mendi Town

Schools, health services and businesses in Mendi town are affected by the delay in the counting of the Southern Highlands Regional seat.

Bank South Pacific threatened to shut down its services in Mendi, while Schools, hospitals and business houses are operating on an adhoc basis.

The Southern Highlands Business Coalition Against Corruption Chairman, Garry Kulangil, raised a serious concern that the fighting over the Governor seat is to control the LNG proceeds.

Kulangil said Mendi town is no longer business-friendly.

He added that the Electoral Commission should not decide for a failed election, as it will be too costly, and will add more problems to existing issues.

The Southern Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Business Coalition Against Corruption jointly appealed to the Electoral Commissioner, to resolve the issue surrounding the Southern Highlands Provincial seat and deliver a Governor for the Province peacefully.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Berry Mini, said business houses in Mendi have been making great loss of profit for two months.

Shopping centres, banks, and business houses have been consistently opening and closing their doors four or five times a day, and they have had enough of living in fear.

Meanwhile, schools in Mendi town have been greatly affected and students have been missing classes.

Grade 10s and 12s National Written Expression Exams were completed on the streets and elsewhere, and returned back to their teachers.

The schools in Mendi town are appealing for the National Education Department to allow for all the Grade 10s and 12s to repeat next year.

Mendi General Hospital is also running short of medical consumables.

The Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry are appealing to Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, to act decisively or they may seek legal advice on the losses.

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