Seafarer saves woman’s life

A word of thanks for a gesture that may well have saved a life.

That’s from family members of Rose Francis who was mercy dashed by sea to hospital inthe Milne Bey Province.

Mrs Francis was very sick at Lesamunu village and was rushed to hospital bythe Manta Ray Explorer in bad wether.

Milne Bey waters on a clear day can be peaceful but reversed when wether conditions are rough.

Atthe time when distressed calls were made, one of Canstruct employee,the company that owns Mantra Ray Explorer used his seafaring skills to sail 22 nautical miles from Alotau to Sariba Island where he rescued Rose. 

She was in a critical state and in extreme pain as her stitches from a recent operation had come off, causing her to loose blood and fluid. Betthe Canstruct employer Solipo Samoa voyagedthe Manta Ray Explorer back to Alotau where Rose was treated atthe General Hospital.

The Provincial Health Authority has expressed gratitude atthe Rescue Team for job well done.

Caption: Rose Francis and Rescuers at Alotau General Hospital.

Beidgette Komatep, National EMTV News

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