Resource PNG – Episode 83, 2013

We features a series of interviews:

  1. Greg Anderson:
  • Rationale behindthe Occupational Health and Safety Conference
  • What sort of policy support doesthe Chambers expect fromthe Government giventhe current downturn.
  • Howthe Government review of tax would have an impact on cost of operation.
  • EIT – Chambers role inthe institutional framework and what support will chamber provide in terms of formulating policy
  • Greg’s view of when things will even out in terms of Mining and Petroleum.
  1. John Gooding:
  • Status of Glencore Xstrata’s feasibility study on Freida River project.
  • John’s view of when we can expect construction to take place.
  • Energy requirements is one ofthe difficulties noted inthe feasibility study – how dothey plan on getting this energy.
  • Potential of tenements inthe Star mountains
  • John’s view on how Highland Pacific’s Chinese partners have performed at Ramu Nickle.
  • Giventhe drop inthe price of Nickle when willthe Ramu Nickle project make some money.
  • What sort of policy support doestheIndustry expect fromthe Government giventhe current downturn.
  1. Peter Taylor:
  • Growing interest bythe ABe and people onthe opening of Panguna – what BeL’s view onthe progress that is happening regarding Panguna
  • What stage arethe negotiations at?
  • What is BeL’s feeling inthe waythe ABe has approachedthe resumption of mining onthe island.
  • What sort of discussions are taking place withthe landowners.
  • Time frame for talks to take place.
  • Community’s reaction towardsthe talks of openingthe mine.
  • BeL’s view about Bougainvilles independence andthe implications it might have on mining rules and regulations.
  • What sort of negotiations is BeL having withthe ABe about Bougainville’s future in terms of mining and BeL’s role in that.
  • BeL’s view onthe subject of compensation.
  • Prospects of trade betweePNG and Australia
  • What impact willthe resources downturn have on trade links betweePNG and Australia.

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