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School Violence Issues Debated On Radio

While schools in Lae have drawn attention to the issue, a small discussion panel gathered on FM100’s Talk Back Show this morning to discuss more on the issue of school violence. Amongst the important ideas discussed, discipline in children and responsible parenting were mentioned as key factors in stopping violence in schools. School Violence, over the past three months, has been a major challenge to education in PNG. While Morobe Province has recorded three deaths in regard to school violence over the last 2 years, it’s still an ongoing issue that hasn’t been solved. Moreover, other issues amongst students in schools are on the rise, such as cult practice, teenage pregnancy, the abuse of mobile phones, bullying and consumption of marijuana and homebrew. This morning, a small discussion panel gathered with FM100 Talk Back Show Host Roger Hau’ofa to discuss the issues faced in schools. Carr Memorial Adventist School Chairman, Andrew Solomon, when giving his insights to the issue, told EM TV News that parents must take responsibility for their children. Meanwhile, Chairman of Ororo Primary School, Philip Vaki, said schools throughout PNG must take a stand to ensure there is discipline. While public opinion may say it is police responsibility to maintain peace within schools, Inspector David Kuamara says otherwise. Now the responsibility lies with parents to discipline their children at home before they are sent to school.

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