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September 25, 2021
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Samoan Comedy Film to be Released This Year

A film about a new Zealand-born Samoan who travels to his homeland is set to be released later this year. The comedy titled Three Wise Cousins stars Neil Amituanai who plays Adam, the main character.

Adam finds out that his love interest, Mary, is looking for an island guy; not just an island guy but a “real island guy”. He travels to the islands of Samoa and learns from his cousins how to be a real island man just to impress Mary.

The comedy is a cross between the New Zealand and Samoan culture.

In an interview with ABC the film director, S.Q.S says, “I think a non-Samoan audience will […] definitely get it because it’s ultimately a ‘fresh out-of-water’ story. And in many ways it’s perhaps more of a New Zealand story, in that it’s a New Zealand-born Samoan guy going to the islands and […] seeing it for the first time. So I think a New Zealand audience will definitely relate to it…”

“I think it’s a good reflection of I guess culturally where New Zealanders and Samoans sort of see each other…”

Adam’s cousins are played by Fesui Viliamu and Vito Vito and Mary is played by Gloria Ofa Blake.

All the actors in the film have never before been in a feature film, let alone, acted. So it was a first for everyone.

Three Wise Cousins

S.Q.S said they didn’t expect the official trailer to have such a broad appeal, but because of the reaction they are aiming for a cinema release in Samoa and New Zealand. They hope to expand their audience to Australia and United States as well.

Release dates haven’t come out yet but Three Wise Cousins is expected to be big, especially in New Zealand and Samoa.

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