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Mama Lucy: I Lend People Money to Help them Overcome Problems

Lucy George, better known as Mama Lucy on the street is a money lender or “maket moni mama”.

Mama Lucy says she makes close to K2,000 a week from this trade.

She recently spoke to EMTV News about her business and how she helps people.

“I make between K320-K350, but if there are no customers, I make between K200-K250,” says Mama Lucy.

Mama Lucy is a shrewd businesswoman. She makes more than most people working on eight-to- five jobs.

“Some people come and say mother I have problems, when I have a significant amount of money, I help them and they use it,” says Lucy.

She lends money to a loyal and trusted customer base and she makes a lot of money.

In a day she sees about five people who ask for between K100 to K1,000.

The repayment date is flexible and unlike the banks and financial institutions’ the paying back terms are lenient.

“When I go to get the repayment, they tell me mother when we have the money, we will come give it to you.”

Lucy adds, it is more than just lending money, it is listening to the problems of her customers and trying to help them live their lives.

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